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Dorm Storage

We all know dorm rooms tend to be on the small side, and on top of that, you may be sharing your space with roommates. But with the right dorm storage accessories, you can keep everything from your shoes and makeup to your books and gear organized and accessible. At PBteen, we offer bins, baskets, trunks, organizers and much more that help you transform even the smallest dorm room into a clutter-free zone.

Start with your closet. Chances are it’s not going to be a spacious walk-in, and you may even have to divide it between the two of you. That is why it’s important to keep your things separate and in order. We offer numerous solutions that hang and stack in smaller spaces. Never spend half an hour looking for a match to your favorite sneakers with our over the door shoe rack. Just open the closet door and 10 pairs of your favorite footwear are right there in the see-through pockets. If the closet door is not an option, we offer hanging closet shoe storage that fits right next to your clothing. If you lack drawer space, we offer hanging organizers for sweaters, folded clothing, scarves and jewelry, too. You can even purchase a mirror that fits over the closet door and provides storage for your toiletries and beauty products so that you don’t have to fight over the dorm’s bathroom mirror.

If you lack closet space or don’t have one at all, a trunk or bookcase is an excellent place to store your prized possessions. Our dorm trunks triple as storage, seating and a small table, and at 14 inches tall, they are easily stacked or may even slide underneath your other furniture. Each one features wheels that can hold up to 200 pounds of your gear, making them easy to move around the room or even to a friend’s dorm for a study session. Choose a dorm trunk in one of several vibrant colors to match your style.

Our bookcases also come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from those that double as nightstands to ones that take up an entire wall. Use stylish bins and baskets to hide away personal belongings like clothing, towels and toiletries, and display your books, trophies and framed pictures of your friends and family proudly. You can even use the top as an entertainment center for your TV, DVD player, gaming systems and radios.

When it comes to food storage, you need a place to keep your drinks cold, as well as a place that doubles as a small pantry for your dry items. Our mini fridges solve the first need. Available in several colors, you can keep drinks and snacks like fruit and yogurt cool day and night. Temperature settings range from 43.5 to 64.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and each one fits perfectly on our Supercool Fridge Carts. The fridge sits on top of this rolling cart, which features two fabric storage drawers beneath it. Use the drawers to hold cups, plates and utensils or snacks like granola bars and crackers.

From important due dates to your favorite shade of lipstick, keep it all handy with our collection of wall organizers. Calendars, bulletin boards and jewelry organizers are just a few of the items we offer. Our Hannah Beauty Hair Accessories Organizer Shelf features multiple cubbies that hold hairbrushes, combs, lotions and shampoos. The rack on the bottom even holds your bath towels, hand towels or washcloths. When you need to take your beauty products and toiletries on the go, whether it’s down the hall to the bathroom or home to your parents’ house for the weekend, our shower caddies, bags and pouches for girls and guys get the job done. Many can even be personalized with your name, initials, monogram or Greek letters.