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Beauty + Jewelry Organizers

Beauty & Jewelry Organizers

Being in college doesn’t change the fact that every woman wants to look her best at all times. PBteen realizes, though, that sometimes a tighter room size doesn’t allow for a full-size vanity that you probably had in your own bedroom at home. That’s why we’ve created functional and stylish organizers that are equipped to keep all of your beauty supplies and jewelry close by and easy to get to. That way, you can look beautiful without having to waste time wondering where your favorite makeup or bracelet disappeared to. Some of our practical organizers are designed to keep all of your hair supplies in order – with space for a hair dryer, styling gel, flat iron, curling iron and countless accessories – so that you can look stunning with as little effort as possible. If you need to get ready in a hurry, a shower caddy lets you get in and out of the shower quickly.

A jewelry tray can also be an excellent option for your room since it fits comfortably on top of a desk or drawer and is a great place to keep your most-used jewelry so you can get dressed quickly in the morning. Our Ultimate Beauty Vanity features an incredible amount of storage while staying compact enough to fit in a spacious room or more intimate quarters. Five ample drawers and two swinging doors with additional space let you keep all of your beauty supplies neat and organized. And for precise application of makeup and easier styling, it also houses a convenient mirror. That way, you can be dressed to impress every day. And, if your space allows, full-body mirrors are a great idea both for decor and choosing your outfit.