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Bath Towels + Mats

Bath Towels & Mats

Young adults love to have their own bathrooms and style. PB Teen offers towels, bath mats and shower curtains to help you decorate their bathroom. Teens spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, either getting ready or taking selfies so they may enjoy a personalized bathroom. You can find many different towel designs including fun patterns and monogram options. If you have a teen that is starting college or just joined a fraternity, you can even get towels monogrammed with their school or fraternity letters. Some of the towel patterns allow you to put a full first name on the towel instead of just initials.

It can be harder to find shower and bathing stuff for students in a dorm because they often have group showers, which puts shower curtains and bathroom decorations out of the question. Bath wraps might be a great option for your student. If your student is living in a college apartment or are moving to their own place, then the lush bath mats and coordinating shower curtains would make a great gift.

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