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Backpacks + Bags

Backpacks + Bags

Getting from class to class on a college campus often means having to haul several books around from place to place. Having a backpack or bag to carry all this stuff makes that job much easier. PBteen offers a wide selection of stylish backpacks and bags that help organize books and materials for each class and make it easier to transport them.

Our backpacks come in a number of designs and feature multiple pockets and pouches to keep large and small items organized. Cellphones, pens and smaller items can go in front pockets and side pouches while books, folders and notebooks can go in the center. Rolling backpacks keep the weight from your teen’s shoulders and larger backpacks have room to hold laptops and other electronic devices.

Tote bags are the ideal choice for a weekend trip back home or for a quick getaway with friends. Available in a variety of styles, they offer room to hold clothes and essentials with a zip closure to keep things from falling out. They also work well for the gym, trips to the beach or when heading to the dorm showers.

Beauty pouches and cosmetic bags come in fun designs like sequins and snow leopard and have room to store makeup, perfumes, brushes and other essential tools girls need to get ready for class or a night out with friends. Choose a design that matches your teen’s personality. Find a bag that will make getting around campus fun and practical for your college student.