Window Hardware

Curtain Rods

You have chosen a set of beautiful window coverings or curtains that are definitely going to transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis that shows off your sense of style and your personality. But how are you going to hang them? You need some type of curtain rods, finials or other hardware and accessories. Do you go for style or do you look for something functional? The answer is simple: you can choose either or both depending on the look you want to achieve.

Before shopping for curtain rods, it is important to measure your windows. You need to get the width from casing to casing and consider adding at least 2" but up to 5" to your measurement. You want to ensure the curtains cover the window when you close them, especially on those bright, sunny mornings when you want to sleep in after a big game or a late night with friends. But you also want to space them far enough apart so that when they are open, they are covering as little of the actual window as possible. This allows natural lighting to flood your bedroom while you read or study during the day.

Now that you have your measurements handy – and written down so that you do not forget them – take a look at your curtains. Are they thick, heavy drapes that require extra support? For these, you will want rods made from a strong, sturdy material such as steel or wrought iron. If you opted for the light, airy feel of sheer curtains or something similar, you can select practically type of hardware you like. Tensions rods are popular choices for sheer curtains because they do not require hammers, drills and screwdrivers for mounting. They just fit into your window, much like a shower curtain rod might with springs. At PBteen, we offer both large and small tension rods made from durable yet attractive steel to fit any window.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you plan to hang your curtains. If you are decorating your own bathroom, consider avoiding wood, because the moisture will warp it over time. The same goes for kitchens if you are moving into a college apartment or dorm. Otherwise, you will most likely be hanging your curtains in your bedroom. If you are hanging something sheer, consider buying double rods to add layers for added privacy.

Now, it’s time for the fun part. How can your curtain rods make your room more stylish? Finials, or decorative pieces you can add to the ends of your curtain rods, are an excellent choice. Add a bit of glamour to your room with our Perfume Bottle Finial + Hardware Set that resembles the stoppers in vintage perfume bottles. Available in clear and pool – a cool color that is blue like pool water – these finials sparkle and shine when they catch the light. If you like the vintage look but prefer something a little more classic, our Antique Mirror Finial + Hardware Set gives off a mature vibe that you can still have fun with. Our Rope Finial + Hardware Set adds a nautical vibe to your beach-themed bedroom, while our Blown Glass Finial + Brushed Nickel Hardware Set comes in fun colors that really pop when you enter the room.

If you really want to personalize your space, consider our Classic Monogram Finial + Simply White Hardware Set. You can’t go wrong with monograms that feature your initials. They are truly one of a kind and the best way to make your bedroom feel even more like your own space where you can get away from it all on those crazy, hectic days.