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Pillows + Throws

Pillow + Throw

Almost any room benefits greatly from pops of color here and there. An energetic ambience can make your day seem just a little bit happier, which generally helps you concentrate and be more creative. Waking up in the morning to a bedroom filled with vibrant tones puts a smile on our faces and gives us a positive outlook. And adding touches of color to your bedroom or dorm doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. PBteen has tons of options that make it easy to customize a space. Accent pillows and throws are a great idea. They let you play around with fun tones throughout the room. And, best of all, they are extremely simple to switch from time to time, so that you can always keep things looking fresh and exciting. For added touches of chic, choose an attractive duvet cover.

Our wide selection of pillows and throws gives you endless textures, hues and shapes from which to choose. Whether you decide to create a harmonious layout or experiment with contrasting color combinations, they provide an unforgettable style. String lights add a special flair as well. On a cool day, a throw is also functional. Go ahead and wrap yourself up in warmth before heading to the table for breakfast. Or just cuddle up for an afternoon nap. Use our bath towels to bring comfort and color to your bathroom as well.