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Lounge Rooms

Everyone needs a place to relax. For one thing, you think better without stress. A quick nap on a comfy sofa the day before your big test makes it easier to concentrate. Of course, lounge rooms aren’t just for laidback studying. They’re also great spots for entertaining, whether it’s snacks and a movie or a full-blown party. No matter what you use it for, at PBteen we want your lounge to look amazing. Check out some style ideas that help you put your personal touch on the room.

Infuse your lounge with furry sophistication. Our furlicious cushions add tons of chic to the space. They give it a supersoft feel that tickles your worries away. Thick, inviting sectionals let you customize the room however you want it. Their faux fur coverings aren’t afraid to be bold. Use gold accents, vibrant colors and whatever says major bling to you. Blankets and decorative pillows in different shades of faux fur work really well.

For something warm, why not create a rustic cabin? Look for furniture featuring leather, faux suede and earthy tones. Anything that reminds you of camping around the fire is a good choice. Cozy faux fur blankets and sleeping bags keep everyone toasty in the winter whether having a sleepover or just enjoying a quick breakfast. This layout looks great in rooms with lots of natural lighting and wood. Finish things off with Western-inspired artwork and layered rugs.

Show off your creative side with an artistic escape. How do you turn a lounge into an artist’s paradise? You need inspiration. Look through lots of designs until you see something that gives you awesome ideas. Your brain knows what it loves. Surround yourself in exciting colors and contours. Using sleek gray furniture as a base opens up endless decorating possibilities. And, of course, pick artwork that reflects your personality all around the lounge. Actually, we can even turn your own personalized creations into reality.

Kick back with a major beach vibe. Bright spaces make you happy, and so do deep cushions. To create a lounge that takes you to Miami Beach and back, focus on soothing blues, tropical greens and even orange. Keep things as light as possible so you feel the sunshine on your face. Decorate with surf motifs and sand-colored rugs. You can even hang your surfboard on the wall if you want to.

Fuse relaxation and chic with bright pink. It’s a combination that’s impossible to ignore. Roll arm furniture and tufted surfaces add a touch of vintage to the room, while also letting you choose tons of different layouts. Feel like sipping coffee and reading a book in a chaise? No problem. Or pose for stylish selfies in a chesterfield-inspired love seat with art prints in the background.