Jewelry Storage Holder

  • Display-It Jewelry Holder, A, White
    Display your jewelry in stand-up style with this pretty storage piece. The large letter holds necklaces, bracelets and earrings in its swirling loops, while the catchall tray accommodates larger items plus 30 pairs of earrings along the rim. 8.75" diameter, 17.25" high Expertly crafted of steel and finished in white. Bottom tray can hold up to 30 pairs of earrings.  Sold individually.
  • Kennedy Acrylic Earring Holder
    Create a simple and elegant display of your favorite earrings with our clear acrylic stand. 8" wide x 8" deep x 11.5" high Expertly crafted of acrylic. Can hold up to 128 pairs of earrings. Features four panes on a rotating base with holes for earrings.
  • Alphabet Earring Holder, D
    Choose a favorite initial to give your jewelry display a personal touch. With plenty of spots for all your favorites, this holder becomes a fanciful piece for your get-ready space. 7.5" diameter, 10" high Expertly crafted of steel. Features 170 places to hang jewelry. Hand-applied white finish.
    reg. price $39 sale $24.99
  • Wire Zodiac Jewelry Holder, Taurus
    Show off your sign. Your zodiac has loops and holes all around for storing necklaces and earrings. The scalloped base doubles as a tray for hair accessories and other trinkets. 8.25" wide 7.5" deep x 11" high Expertly crafted of wire and finished in antique bronze. Each astrological sign features not only the icon but also the scripted name strategically placed in the design.  Sold individually.
    reg. price $39 sale $19.99