Navy High Storage

  • Over The Door Shoe Rack, Solid Navy
    Maximize your space at home or in the dorms with this organizing must-have. Our see-through over-the-door shoe holder stores your favorite pairs right at hand, out of the way and in sight. 19" wide x 54" high Made of durable polyester and vinyl. Pockets are clear for easy visability. Features 20 storage sections and four hooks for simple over the door mounting.
    $24 special $14
  • Ultimate Bedside Storage Set, BOM, Pool Solid
    When space is at a premium, you need to make every inch count. This set offers up two storage pieces one for the bedside, the other for the end of your bed with plenty of pockets to stow all your stuff. Set of 2 includes one Ultimate Bedside Storage and one Ultimate Footboard Storage. Ultimate Bedside Storage: 13.5" wide x 25" high Ultimate Footboard Storage: 15" wide x 29.25" high Expertly crafted of polyester.
    $68 special $49.50
  • Ultimate Bedside Storage, Pool Solid
    No nightstand? No problem. This smart storage caddy hangs on the bed railing or headboard to keep textbooks, notebooks, cell phones and more organized and within arms reach. 13.5" wide x 25" high Expertly crafted of polyester with a nonslip surface to stay put under the bed. Features four pockets.
    $29 special $24 $26
  • Side Sling Hanging Shoe Storage, Navy
    Slip your shoes in after you slip them off. These convenient and colorful organizers hang on the back of your door and have eight separate pouches. 12" wide x 51.25" high Made of durable polyester. Features 16 storage sections.
    $29 special $24
  • Ultimate Footboard Storage, Pool Solid
    Organization is afoot with this smart storage caddy. It features eight pockets designed to hold your cell phone, books, pens and more. 15" wide x 29.25" high Expertly crafted of polyester with three straps. Features eight pockets.
    $39 $49 special $35 $44
  • Small Divider Storage, Navy
    Bring order to your smaller essentials with these colorful drawer organizers. Small Divider: 7.5" wide x 15" deep x 2.5" high Belt Divider: 15" wide x 15" deep x 2.5" high Large Divider: 11" wide x 11" deep x 6" high Made of nonwoven fabric.
    $12 $16 sale $7.99 $10.99
  • Rotating Hanging Closet Storage, Pool
    Put a spin on storage possibilities. Shoes, scarves and more can all hang together in our organizer, which rotates 360 degrees for easy access. 10" square, 40" high Expertly crafted of printed polyester. Features a swiveling hook, three large storage compartments and 12 slots for shoe storage.
    $39 special $27.50 $35
  • Dottie Printed Storage Bins, Mini, Pink Dottie
    Add a little spot-on style to your storage with our sturdy lidded bins. Use them to stow away everything from keepsakes to photos to school supplies. Mini: 13.5" wide x 7.5" deep x 6" high Medium: 14" wide x 10" deep x 10.5" high Expertly crafted of cardboard and covered with printed paper. Cutout handles make for easy transport.
    $18.50 $24.50
  • Mesh Shower Caddy, Pink Ikat Medallion
    Our shower caddys mesh bottom and sides give it added functionality. Use it to keep everything from shampoo to soap neatly corralled and at the ready when its time to take a trip to the shower. 8" square, 9.5" high Expertly crafted of durable and wipeable 120-denier polyester and mesh. Features four exterior pockets and sturdy handles. Mesh bottom and sides ensure quick drying.
    $29 special $24 $26
  • Over the Door Shoe Rack, Pink Minidot
    This handy organizer stores all your shoes in one easy-to-see spot and reduces closet clutter at the same time. 20" wide x 7" deep x 30" high Made of polyester. Features 12 storage sections and three hooks for simple mounting.
    $39 sale $19.99
  • Hanging Jewelry Organizer, Pink Minidot
    Make smart use of your space. Our organizer holds all your jewelry in one easy-to-see spot. Velcro loops are ideal for bracelets and necklaces, and clear plastic pockets hold everything from sunglasses and hair accessories to pins and earrings. 18" wide x 25" high x 0.25" thick Made of water-resistant, 600-denier polyester.
    $29.50 special $23.50 $26.50