Square Wall Tile

  • Style Tile 2.0, Fabric Board 16x16, Links A Lot, Black/White
    Add standout style to your walls while making the most of your organizational space with our Style Tile 2.0 - Links A Lot Fabric-Covered Tackboard. DETAILS YOULL APPRECIATE Tiles can be hung on their own, or grouped to build a complete setup. Tiles are backed with engineered wood. Frames available in 32" square and 48" square; each set includes four rails of the same length. 2.0 Frames are only compatible with Style Tile 2.0. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Fabric board includes 10 pushpins. Sold individually.
    $35.50 $119 Sale $14.99 $119
  • Style Tile 2.0, Fabric Board 16X16, Made by You White Printable Percale
    Options for tile design and personalization are available once "Add to Bag" or "Add to Wishlist" are selected. Create your own custom organization. Choose your specially designed Style Tile 2.0 Made By You Board for a personalized wall display that lets you post due dates, drawings, photos and more. Single Tile: 16" square, 1" thick Tiles are perfect on their own, or grouped to build a complete setup. Choose from a variety of prints and functions.