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D.I.Y. Design

Five Ways to Use our Cable System

Want to make a quick change to your room that leaves a big impression? All you need is our Cable System and a little imagination and you're good to go.

Hats Off

Idea 1: Hats Off

If you've got a collection of baseball caps hiding away in your closet, our Cable System can get them out and on display. Hang a cable horizontally along the wall, or above your bed — anywhere you want your caps on display. Then clip your caps on the cable with an even spacing in between. Now your collection is on display and easy to get to when you want to wear one of your favorites.

Split Decision

Idea 2: Split Decision

Whether your room is big or small, our Cable System helps you make the most of it. With some well-placed cables, you can turn one room into two, or even three. Pick an area to section off and hang the Cable System around it. Next pick your favorite drapes (or our Twisted Curtains) and hang them on the cable to create your hideaway. Make it a home gym, a lounge or a dressing room — the options are endless.

Window Dressing

Idea 3: Window Dressing

Sure, rods and finials are a great way to hang curtains, but if you're looking for window dressings that feel a little bit casual and a little bit cool, our Cable System is the ticket. Hang the Cable System along the length of the window and hang your favorite sheers or drapes. The look is very modern and hip, and swapping out curtain styles is as easy as it gets.

Show Off Style

Idea 4: Show Off Style

Remember, our Cable System isn't just for curtains. Use it to display any of your favorite things. Make photo collages of your friends and family and hang them on display. Print your favorite art pieces on oversized paper and hang them to create a mini museum. Or hang a variety of things — photos, art, certificates, CD covers — anything to make a stylish display that reflects your personality.

Create a Cozy Space

Idea 5: Create a Cozy Space

Set up a sleep space for afternoon siestas. Hang the Cable System from the ceiling above all four corners of your bed. Add lightweight panels in coordinating colors on each side to block the afternoon sunlight. Then use decorative ties to pull open the panels when you're ready for some sun!

Now that you've got some ideas, all you need is a Cable System. A whole new room is right around the corner.