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D.I.Y. Design

A Hip New Headboard

If you're like most people, you've got a mattress that sits on a simple frame without a traditional headboard backing it up, which can make your bed look and feel a little bit lost. That's why our design gurus came up with a crafty new way to use oversized bulletin boards to create an artsy wall treatment that doubles as an innovative, modern-day headboard. Check it out!



Traditional corkboards covered with beautiful fabrics create a soft piece of hanging art. By grouping several together in a grid above your bed, you instantly create the illusion of a headboard that adds color, texture and style to your sleeping arrangement. While they're pretty enough to hang alone, these boards are made of cork, so you can easily personalize them with photos, postcards, ribbons, artwork and other mementos.

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Create your own board! Just buy a large piece of fabric that works for you and your room, then measure, cut and secure it to a basic corkboard using heavy-duty staples.

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The great thing about these boards is that you can refresh them as often as you like depending on the changing seasons or your fashion whims.

Go Modular

For an edgier look, use our magnetic galviboards to create a bold grid above your bed. Go monochromatic with all brushed silver squares or mix it up with a multicolored checkerboard.

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Take advantage of the fact that our galviboards are magnetic and cover them with cool photos, artwork, song lyrics, concert tix and any other momentos you want to display.

College Boards

If you're moving into a new dorm room, personalize your sleep space with one of our suggested board treatments above. Focus on bringing bits of home to your dorm room to remind you of the people and places you might miss.

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Space is usually limited in a dorm room, so let your boards multi-task as a place to post assignments, study sheets, schedules, phone numbers and other items that usually get lost in the dorm room shuffle.

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