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Making Your Bed: Layer By Layer

Experts estimate that we spend about a third of our lives snoozing — that translates to a whole lotta time under the covers. We think this is the perfect excuse to transform your bed into a stylin', dream-friendly oasis. Think of it as a system of coordinating layers — your sheets, blankets, bedspreads, throws and pillows are the building blocks that add comfort, warmth and style to your bed. The goal is to coordinate various colors, textures, and fabrics of each layer to tell a story. We asked our design experts how to create the perfect bed and compiled their advice below.

Step 1: Meet Your Sheets

They're the closest thing to your skin, so make sure they're supersoft — 100% cotton in a nice thread count will be your best bet. As far as looks go, there are no rules. All of our bedding pieces are designed to coordinate with one another, so just pick a color and go.

:: extra style pointer ::

Try to choose a palette that you can live with for awhile. Feel free to mix and match colors, solids and patterns, to create a balance of different elements.

Step 2: Blanket Statement

The next layer of your bed is a nice soft blanket. Choose either cotton or wool, depending on the time of year or climate in your area. In the middle of a cold winter, layering several dense wool blankets will keep you toasty. Have fun with the color and texture — a nubby knit in a complementary color will add both warmth and style.

Step 3: Cover Story

A bedspread, quilt or duvet is the top layer of your bed and the visual statement that centers your room. Whether it's a simple solid color, a vivid baby wale corduroy or a funky pattern, choose a cover that pulls the layers of your bed together and complements the colors of your room.

Making Your Bed

Step 4: Accessorize

Throw in a few extra touches to make your bed unique. Have fun experimenting with different textures and styles, and switch them up to match your mood or the season.

:: creative cheat sheet ::

  • a throw pillow with your name or initial
  • a silky quilt folded at the end of the bed
  • a chunky knit throw
  • mix-and-match pillows in clashy-fun designs
  • anything in a really bright, bold color
  • a pillowcase screenprinted with an image
  • unexpected fabrics like denim, cord or shearling
  • camping-inspired bedding in camo or ripstop

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