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Lounge Act: Five Steps to Creating the Ultimate Chill Zone

If you're the kind of person who takes your leisure time seriously, this article is for you. Imagine your very own designated chill area where you can hide out and hang with friends, catch the game, watch movies and play games in style. Following are some essential set-up tips that will help you create the lounge of your dreams.

Step 1: Find the Spot

Every room has a corner just waiting to be cleared out and converted into a lounge-only zone. Scope out your space, rearrange furniture and make way. If there's definitely not a place in your bedroom, check out your attic or basement (if it's not too dusty or creepy) to see if there's a corner with lounge potential.

Ultimate Chill Zone

:: extra style pointer ::

Wherever your magical spot may be, it's got to have a certain level of privacy and separation from the rest of the house. Hang some fabric or a beaded curtain strategically to keep it separated. (See Break It Up & Zone It Down).

Step 2: Reserved Seating

Every seat in the house must be equally cushy and lounge-worthy (think beanbag chairs, retro rockers, jumbo floor pillows). This is really important, as lounging tends to take place in a sprawl. A supersoft area rug is cozy on bare feet and good to stretch out on.

Step 3: Mood Lighting

Soft, low-wattage light sources are essential to the relaxing mood of the lounge.

:: creative cheat sheet ::

  • Hang colored paper lanterns at various levels
  • Use warm-colored lamp shades to diffuse the light softly
  • Replace a few bulbs with lower-wattage, frosted versions
  • Check out Bright Ideas: How to Light Your Room Right for more suggestions.

Step 4: Go Low

You'll need a big, low-to-the-ground surface, like a game table, to center the crowd and hold all your soda cans, game boards, remote controls, snacks and magazines. Throw a couple floor pillows around it and you're golden.

Step 5: Be Practical.

Stock some rolling crates with essential lounge supplies so they are at your disposal but not in your way.

:: creative cheat sheet ::

  • TV
  • CD or MP3 player
  • DVD player
  • CDs & DVDs
  • magazines/TV guide
  • mini fridge
  • munchies & beverages
  • floor pillows
  • beanbag chairs
  • soft rug
  • low table
  • speakers
  • blankets
  • DSL/Internet
  • cordless phone
  • retro rocker
  • rolling bins
  • paper lanterns

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