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three steps to a smart media zone

All it takes is one afternoon and a little effort to get your media lounge in top shape. You'll soon be able to find everything you're looking for right away, plus you'll be able to relax once you find it. Follow these steps to a smart media zone:

Smart Media Zone

Step 1: See the Big Picture

Keep all the components to your media zone in one organized place. Clear an entire shelf to make room for all your electronics including CDs, games and movies. If you have a good amount of stuff, consider getting an all-in-one media system that includes a place for your TV, DVD player, DVDs, stereo and CDs.

Step 2: Assess Your Space

If you have a smaller room or a corner in a larger space, get started with a media cabinet that has multiple drawers and shelves to hold it all. If you have a larger room and more to store, add coordinating towers and even a hutch for more storage.

Baskets + Bins

Step 3: Sort it Out

Next, separate media-related items into three stacks: one for extras like cords, controllers and remotes; a second for DVDs, CDs, games and software; and a third for books and magazines. Then choose bins in different sizes for each stack. For instance a smaller bin would be perfect for cords and controllers, while a larger size is ideal for books and magazines. To really keep things in order, try bins that let you personalize them. Add personalized liners or even customized labels that let you know where everything goes.

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