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Bright Ideas: How to Light Your Room Right

Simply put, lighting is everything. Without the right light sources, even the most stylish spaces can look below average. Here are a few of our basic lighting rules to guide you.

Go for Glow

Go for Glow

The first priority is an overall, ambient wash of light, whether it's sunlight streaming in through your windows during the day or overhead lights casting a warm glow through your room at night. This is the most basic layer of light.

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Be sure your overhead light is not too harsh. A softer bulb, dimmer switch, neutral ceiling shade or paper lantern will help diffuse light into a softer shade.

Set the Scene

Once you've covered your basics, add layers of lighting at different levels to suit your style. For instance, bring a touch of your own personality to your desk by adding a funky table lamp, or hang a colorful paper lantern above your lounge area.

Be a Task Master

Task lighting (think reading lamps) is all about function. These kinds of lamps are designed to help you perform activities at close range, like doing homework at your desk or reading in bed.

:: bright idea ::

Try using a clip light by your desk or a table lamp that lets you pivot light just where you need it, for example above a game table for homework or craft projects.

Task Lamps - Triptych
Lounge Lighting

Get Creative

Here are some great ideas from our in-house design team on how to get creative with the lighting in your room.

:: creative cheat sheet ::

  • Play with shades. Take several drum shades in complementary colors and suspend them from your ceiling - either individually or stacked - for a lantern-like effect.
  • Group several paper lanterns together above your lounge to create a fun place for you and your friends to really get creative during mani/pedi parties or group projects.
  • Hang a low pendant over your bed or in a corner to cast a dramatic pool of light. This is also a great way to delineate space in your room for a lounge area.
  • Create more lighting options throughout your entire space with dimmers. They're easy to install in place of your regular light switches, and you can also find dimmers that connect directly to any plug-in lamp.
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