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Tips & Tricks

Working with Windows

You've decked out your space from top to bottom with coordinating furniture, storage systems, lighting and rugs. Now it's time to think about your windows. How you style them, whether you choose soft, layered sheers, velvet panels or roman shades, will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room.

Find Your Style

Twisted Curtains

Sheer Genius

Sheers give your space a soft and airy look. They're perfect for small spaces because they tend to let in more light, which makes any room feel larger. For more lighting options throughout the day, try layering them with panels. You can choose two colors, like blue panels and white sheers, or solid panels and an embroidered sheer. Make sure your colors coordinate with the rest of your room, including your bedding, rugs and lamp shades.

Roman Shades

Simple Shades

Roman shades fit right on the window, give your space a clean tailored look and offer instant privacy. Choose one with a trim or in a bright color for a dramatic effect.

Most Dramatic

Suede and velvet panels can make a rich and dramatic statement in your room. They also block out more light, so if you like sleeping in on the weekends, they may be your perfect choice. First, find a color that complements your space. Also, consider a layered look for more options. For example, pair a pale inner sheer with a rich outer layer of velvet or suede, or match two colors to create a tone-on-tone effect. Silk panels also make a big impact, plus they let in a little more light, which is a good choice for smaller spaces. Layer them over a light-colored sheer for more texture and contrast. For more drama, choose panels that are long enough to reach the floor.

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Accessorize Your Look

Once you've picked out your favorite fabrics and colors, you'll need to choose the right hardware and accessories to complete your window.



Rods are a classic choice and can be topped off with finials on each end. If you're layering sheers and panels you'll want to use double rods, which are connected to one another and are as easy to install as single rods. Cable systems are another option for hanging your panels and sheers. They come in both single and double (for layering) and are less noticeable than rods, which puts the focus on your curtains.


If you're using rods, accessorize them with decorative finials. Choose classic styles like simple balls, or more playful and feminine finials that sparkle and reflect the light. For the finishing touch, fasten decorative holdbacks to the wall to keep your curtains open throughout the day.

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Measure Up

Measure Up

Window Height

Using a tape measure, measure the distance between where you're mounting the curtain rods or cables and where you want the bottom of your curtains to be. Curtains are usually hung to land either above the sill or on the floor. Rods are usually mounted on the window molding or above it. To add height to the room, mount the rod closer to the ceiling and get curtains long enough to reach the floor.

Window Width

Measure the width of your window to make sure your panels are wide enough. You want to allow 1-3 inches on each side of the window for when the drapes are completely open. Also, keep in mind the extra wall space you'll need for decorative finials, since the rod dimensions don't include the length of the finial.


Once you've measured your window space, make sure that your curtains are the right length and width. If you're layering curtains, make sure both layers are the same length. For tie-top curtains, keep in mind that you can adjust the length by how tightly you tie them to the rod. If you need more width you can always add an extra panel.

Hang Up and Hang Out

Install your hardware and accessories first. Make sure to take your time and get any help if you need it. You want your rods or cables mounted so that they're perfectly level. If you're layering panels be sure to hang the sheer curtain on the inside rod and the darker panel on the outside.

Once they're up, admire all the hard work you've done! You've just finished your room.