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Lounge Space

Q: How do you create a cool lounge space when the only place you can put one in is your room?— Max

A: With a few simple tricks you can turn one room into a multifunctional space for sleeping, studying or lounging.

A Touch of Color

A Touch of Color

A curtain is definitely a great way to create two rooms in one. In fact, we developed our Deluxe Cable System for just this purpose.

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But curtains aren't the only solution. Here are some more tips for creating a lounge that fits your space and needs.

Hit the FLoor

Hit the Floor

Start with an extra-plush rug to establish where your lounge area will be. The deep-pile comfort will encourage people to kick off their shoes and relax, and the dose of texture and color will help define where the bedroom ends and the all-out lounging begins.

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Add a Versatile Divide

Add a Versatile Divide

Freestanding bookshelves and cabinets aren't just for storage. When arranged side by side, they can be used to create a "wall" that separates your lounge area from your sleep space. Open shelving (shelves that don't have a back or front) work really well for this. They let in light and allow you to access storage baskets from either side of the divide.

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Think Twice

Think Twice

If space is at a premium, try thinking about your whole room as a lounge area. For example, use your bed as seating by day by ditching the box spring (to get the bed lower to the ground) and piling your pillows along the wall to form a two-in-one space for sleeping or lounging. You could also try switching from a standard desk to a low table centered in your room to make space for studying, gaming and projects.

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Get Comfy

Get Comfy

The final secret to creating a lounge–worthy space is having comfortable lounge–worthy furniture. It can be as simple as a stack of floor pillows, as cool as a sleek modern chaise, or as funky as a couple of over–stuffed chairs. Also, check the attic or basement for your parents' castaways — you can update the look with some new colorful throw pillows or use fabric to cover up older upholstery.

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Once you're done, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy afternoons of lounging with friends. Happy lounging!