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Shared Spaces

Q: My sister and I share a room. We each have our own tastes, which makes it hard to decorate our room together. How can we compromise while still both getting what we want?— Carolyn

A: Sharing a room with your sister can be great, and with a few helpful hints, decorating it together can be just as fun. The important thing to focus on is creating a space that reflects both of your personalities.

Play With Color

Wall color is very important in creating a great looking space. Talk with your sister about your favorite colors — chances are several colors will match both of your styles. You could choose one basic color and then paint the room in two different shades of that color. For instance, if you both like green, you could paint two walls in a light shade and two in a darker shade. If you can't agree on one color, pair up two that work well together, such as yellow and green, blue and cream, or pink and purple.

Play With Color

Start With Basics

You both need the same things (for example: a bed, a desk, plenty of storage) and you want them to look coordinated but not identical. The best way to do that is to use one style of furniture, but decorate each piece differently. For instance, if you both have the same bed, try using different colored linens to make each sleep space distinct. If you have the same desk, try personalizing each study space with your favorite photos, mementos and artwork. The key is to make each piece in the room your own to reflect your true personality.

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Personalized Collection

Personalize Your Space

These days, almost anything can be personalized, from pillow shams to loungers. Show off your distinct style by personalizing your stuff. Try spelling your names in bold block letters above each bed, adding personalized bedding or hanging a mural of your favorite scene on each side of the room. Even though you're sharing a room, you're each creating a space that feels like it's completely yours.

Divide it Up

Divide It Up

Sharing a room doesn't mean you have to lose your privacy. Use bright curtains as a room divider, or just hang them around each bed and close them when you need quiet time for studying or a quick afternoon nap. Well-placed curtains can make one big room feel like two in a split second.

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These are just a few ideas to get you started. Have a brainstorming session with your sister and share ideas and clips from magazines of rooms that you like. This will be the perfect starting point to creating a room that you both will love.