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Small Space, Small Budget

Q: My oldest brother is leaving for college, and I am finally getting a room of my own. However, the room was originally an office with no closet and very little space. And did I mention that I'm on a tight budget? HELP!— Anna

A: Having your own room is tons of fun. With a little imagination and not too much dough, you can turn your small office into a bedroom you'll never want to leave.

A Touch of Color

A Touch of Color

The best (and cheapest) way to update a room is with paint. Choose a light and versatile color you love for the walls. Try pale pink, lavender, blue or yellow. You need just a hint of color. Now here's the trick: paint the ceiling white and paint a white border, about six inches deep, along the top of the wall. This makes the room feel bigger than it actually is.

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Bed Down or, Up?

Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, so you have to decide where to put it. If you want a traditional bed, choose a smaller size like a twin or full, and make sure it's high enough off the ground to create plenty of storage space underneath. Another option? Try a top bunk and use the area underneath as a workstation or even a closet.

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Clothes Case

A girl can't live without a closet. If you go with a bed on the floor, it's up to you to create a space for all your clothes. If you can't spring for a traditional wardrobe, there's another option. Pick out some light curtains that complement your color palette, and then create a small closet with our Deluxe Cable System. Stock your new space with plenty of bins for storage and install a simple bar from a hardware store for hanging clothes.

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Small Room, Big Style »

Small Room, Big Style

Your room may be small, but you can still decorate it beautifully — just keep it simple. You'll want bright coordinated bedding and curtains to pull the whole room together. If you have room for a small desk and bookshelf, add them for sure. Just remember to keep them uncluttered. Too much stuff can make a room feel small.

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Hot Spot

Your room will be your new hangout, so make sure it's comfortable. If a lounge chair would take up too much room, lay down a fluffy rug and a few throw pillows to create a stylish lounge space.

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These are the basics of decorating on a budget. Over time as you have more to spend, you can add pieces that show off your unique style like a fun lamp or some interesting art. It's up to you. After's your room now!