Teen Speakers + Headphones

Speakers and Headphones


Speakers have come a long way from those old cassette boom boxes we used to rock. And those foamy, Walkman headphones? Obsolete - unless you're being "ironic." There's clearer sound, mp3 technology, wireless options, and an entire range of unique packaging for your speakers and headphones. So how do you choose? Look no further. Here's a quick briefing of what's available and some questions to ask yourself that will narrow down your choices and help you find the perfect device that's worthy of your music. Take caution in your selection of the type of audio device you purchase to listen to your music. Sound differences through audio accessories will make or break your experience. A choice in an audio gadget that is a little more expensive but also has stronger audio features may be a worthwhile investment.




What activity are you in the middle of when you ask, "Why don't I have headphones?" If it's exercising, you have the option of wireless headphones that sync with your phone or mp3 device. If you prefer the wire, you'll want headphones that are lightweight and water resistant for when you work up a sweat. The ear bud options are as diverse as the music you listen to, but if you're an outside jogger, you don't want headphones that cancel out sound so you can stay alerted of your surroundings.


If you're a jet-setter and want headphones for the airplane, sound cancellation is great. You can listen to your music and not disturb your neighbors (or visa-versa). Get the full speaker experience by using headphones with large ear pieces. They look old-school, but you can easily find some that have amazing quality - also wireless headphones if that's your thing.




Do you need speakers for your room or dorm? Aside from the standard looking speaker, there are so many cool devices disguised as accessories for their audio - Stuffed animals with speakers; sports accessories where the speakers look like a baseball, basketball, football or soccer ball; pillow speakers; boom boxes with wild colors. There's a lot of room for imagination, so don't limit yourself.




If you're on the run and still want the soundtrack to your life playing in the background, you can purchase a smaller speaker to take with you. There are speaker key chains, wireless boom boxes in cool colors and designs, speaker gadgets that attach to your smartphone and purses with speakers built into the bag to name a few. Many gadgets are disguised as accessories that play audio as good as a high-quality stereo. Get adventurous. In this time and place, there's no good excuse for you to go without some cool tunes playing in the background.

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