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Food Containers + Storage

Food Storage

Keeping lunches and snacks fresh and delicious is easy with food storage options tailored just for teens. From paisley-patterned water bottles to multifaceted bento boxes, PBteen combines flair with function to provide food containers that meet multiple needs. For a crisp autumn afternoon, fill a thermal soup container with your favorite minestrone or chowder. These stainless-steel keepers have a silicone ring lining within the cap to prevent spills and keep foods hot or cold. Stay hydrated on the go with a matching water bottle in various colors and patterns including polka dots and stripes from our Northfield Collection. This collection also offers matching lunch bags, duffles and even locker decor for a coordinated look throughout the school day.

Our durable lunch containers are designed to fit perfectly into our dual compartment lunch bags. Each bento box offers two to five compartments for keeping salads separate from sandwiches or cookies from mixing with carrots. Choose from an assortment of lunch containers that includes stainless steel and transparent materials as well. All of our lunch containers and their accompanying utensils are dishwasher-safe.

For college students outfitting a dorm room, a fridge will always come in handy for holding juices, sodas and snacks. The exterior comes in an assortment of colors to suit your tastes. Some of our bookcases are designed specially to house a mini fridge as well as provide plenty of nooks around your study space for staying organized. A smaller refrigerated food storage option is a retro cooler, which keeps your beverages and snacks just as chilled but is very portable, sitting nicely on your desktop, bookshelf or any spot near a wall outlet.

For those late night study sessions, have a bite to eat at a lapdesk. Our Superstudy lapdesks offer a hard work surface on a soft base that conforms to your lap for comfortable snacking and studying alike. As a more versatile alternative, our Superstorage lapdesks feature a sliding wooden top that reveals spacious compartments within for housing flashcards, pens and pencils, an electronic tablet and other needed study materials on hand. Each lapdesk also has a carrying handle so you can take it with you to study with a friend or at the library. Lapdesks can also be personalized on the study surface with your initials or name, written in a variety of font choices and colors depending on your tastes.

For high school teens, keeping a locker organized is much less of a challenge when incorporating accessories like a durable locker shelf that fits neatly into the bottom of the locker and provides an added space to keep food storage items off the floor. These smart shelf solutions are made of strong iron to stand up to the weight of books and backpacks. Further personalize your locker with magnetic wallpaper, a matching locker rug and an accompanying picture frame and decal set. For practicality, adding a mirror, a few pocket organizers and a dry erase reminder board can make a stop at the locker a mini oasis amid an otherwise hectic day.

To round out a student’s collection of essential gear, look at our collection of backpacks, lunch totes and pencil cases. A hot/cold container fits nicely into a streamlined lunch tote with enough room for a utensil set, napkin and snack. Find a matching backpack for coordination in a wide assortment of patterns and colors, from pups to palm trees and tie-dye to tire treads. Each are made of durable water-resistant polyester that not only protects its contents but also makes for easy cleaning. Similarly, matching pencil cases keep supplies protected and organized. These handy keepers have a large zipper opening in the top, and many include a handle for attaching to your backpack or for simply carrying around.