Dry-Erase Storage Pockets

Locker Accessories

Keep your locker looking neat and spiffy from the first day of school until the last day of the year. PBteen makes locker storage simple with our line of magnetic, small dry-erase boards and locker accessories that are sure to brighten your school day in addition to keeping you organized and on top of your game.

Our Gear-Up Dry Erase Pockets come in several patterns and colors to let you express your personal style while staying organized with extra locker storage. The integrated magnets on the reverse side let these handy small dry erase boards mount quickly and easily to the inside of your locker and provide a compact home base complete with added storage. The dry-erase board has plenty of space for writing reminders and quick notes, while the pocket neatly stashes trinkets, photos, jewelry and school supplies to help keep your locker tidy and clutter-free.

If locker storage is more essential than having a spot to take notes, consider our Gear-Up Pockets instead. Like our Dry Erase Pockets, these handy organizational pouches feature a magnetic backing for fast, easy installation on your locker door or on one of the interior walls. Each of the three pouches are made from durable materials for long-lasting performance. Stow everything from your pens, pencils and art supplies to personal items such as hair brushes, watches and phone chargers. Choose from several colors, each with its own fun saying stitched on the front in a contrasting color.

Our colorful Locker Bundles take locker storage and organization to the next level. The basic bundle comes with three magnetic pieces, including a small dry-erase board, pinboard and a zippered pouch that is roomy enough to hold everything from pencils to loose change, first-aid essentials and more. Other bundles come with a dry-erase calendar that is ideal to keep track of important due dates, occasions and more, along with a 5" by 7" photo frame and a zippered pouch.

Keep track of all the important events of the week with our convenient weekly planner. Our dry-erase calendar comes with peel-and-stick decals that make it fun and easy to keep your schedule organized. The self-adhesive backing sticks quickly to your locker and removes easily, cleanly and without damaging the surface. The dry-erase board is roomy enough to fit all your important details, while the colorful frame adds a quick, eye-catching pop to the inside of your locker for simple decor that expresses a little personality while offering simple removal at the end of the school year.