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Locker Wallpaper + Magnets


Staying organized for school can sometimes take a lot of work. From backpacks to binders, there are many back-to-school supplies that can help keep teens organized. Some teens have incredibly busy schedules, well beyond their classes. When youʼre going beyond the backpack, there are a myriad of different locker accessories that can help make the day more seamless.

Locker decorations are a good way to have that organized feel. It’s a great feeling when you open your locker to find an uncluttered, decorated and fun space. Choose from many different types of wallpapers suited just for lockers, or opt for locker lights to see everything clearly and easily. Another spectacular idea when it comes to locker accessories is a stick-on schedule with a dry erase marker. Schedules can change weekly, and itʼs effective to be able to scribble your schedule down as the week goes along, only to wipe it away with a damp cloth when itʼs time for a new week.

Locker decorations and accessories come in an assortment of styles and colors to suit every teen. From bright pink to muted grey, there is a color scheme to match anyoneʼs tastes. For the teen that wants everything to match up perfectly and succinctly, use the simple Gear Guide Tool from PBteen to help you match all of your accessories. For example, if you find a style and design of backpack that you absolutely love, chances are you can use that style across the board, easily matching your lunch bag, homework and study accessories and locker decorations. You can even find a matching pencil case that is all in the same design. If matching accessories and backpacks isn’t your taste, you also are able to choose from different collections that do not match exactly but incorporate the same style. For example, the busy teen may like to match up a rolling backpack, overnight bag and duffle bag by perusing The Northfield Collection. Also, you can match your locker lights and decorations within the same collection.

Other locker accessories that are sure to bring your locker to life include mirrors, string lights and shelving to add your own personal taste to your space while staying organized. A beauty board with matching cosmetic bag allows you to put on your makeup in between classes, ensuring you always are carrying that flawless look. Gem magnets allow you to add pictures of friends and fun times, so every time you open your locker, you have a wonderful memory. Bright and colorful locker accessories are a fun, functional way to keep some pep in your school day.

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