Boys Duvet Covers



A duvet is an awesome bedroom option for kids, especially boys. Since there's no sheet, you can make the bed in a flash, launder it quickly, and change the cover to go along with your mood. When chosen wisely, the right duvet cover can be your best bud. Here are some helpful hints to get you into the duvet of your dreams so you can move on to more important things.


What is a Duvet?


A duvet is different from blankets or a regular comforter, and it's important to know you'll need to purchase two separate items. A duvet is a sheet cover that fits over your chosen fill (a bedspread without a cover). You'll need both of these - the cover and fill inserts. It's a great way to customize your bedding set. A standard duvet bedding package comes with two pillowcase covers. You'll need sheets, but only a fitted sheet for a duvet.


The Basics


Know the size of your bed before you see what covers are for sale to eliminate the guesswork and prevent purchasing the wrong size. Are the mattresses a twin, full, full/queen, queen or king bed? Also, try and resist the urge to purchase a size slightly bigger or smaller because you love it. Duvet covers need to be a good fit, or they'll end up looking sloppy, taking the focus off your gorgeous duvet. When you know the exact size, you'll be able to purchase with confidence.




See what's for sale and don't limit yourself to one duvet choice. The whole point of having a duvet is to enjoy the options that come with it. It's smart to have not only various colors and styles for room decoration, but different fabric choices to coincide with the weather. Try an organic linen during the summer, and a warm flannel for cold nights. These are small adjustments that can make a huge difference.




If you're looking for something to liven up a dull room, a duvet cover is a fast solution. Bedding in a room can build inspiration, and you can indeed create a unique, one of a kind bedroom with the right cover and the proper accessories. Have fun and get creative by mixing and matching different fabrics and throws. Try contrasting sheets and a busy bedskirt with a conservative duvet cover. Have a good time with throw pillows to tie in any other room decor.