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NBA Bedding


You are so obsessed with basketball that you're commentating at the dinner table. Ask your parents to treat you to a basketball themed bedroom to help celebrate your love of the sport. Since it all starts with bedding, here are some coaching tips to assist you in finding the perfect duvet or comforter that will make your room a slam dunk.


Size Matters


Know what size bed you're working with to eliminate the guess work. Do you have a twin, full, full/queen, or queen size bed? It's tempting to fall in love with bedding sets slightly larger or smaller than your bed because that size has everything you want in bedding, but a twin and a full were not created equal. As a basketball lover, you understand how important fundamentals are. Consider your bedding size the fundamentals of bedding. Spend a little extra time here finding the exact size right for your bed.


Basketball Team


If you love the NBA basketball franchise, have fun with team colors and accessories. Depending on the various bedding sets available, you can try a loud bedspread with the franchise logo, or stick to plain covers accented with a sporty pillowcase or two. Bedding sets are a great option, allowing you to combine pieces of bedding. Don't feel limited; you can take what you need, and contrast the rest. For example, if the logo is too loud, tone it down with another comforter. Balancing solid colors with sports logos is often a happy medium.


If you're sticking to a basketball theme for your bedroom, exclusive of any NBA franchise, have fun with accents. Try a solid comforter with a cozy bed sheet of basketballs. Use colorful bed skirts with sports designs for a little pop at the bottom of the bedding. Don't feel the need to limit your sports theme to just basketball. If you love many sports, add in various athletic symbols for an overall theme. A locker room area could be fun for your storage space, and you could hang different jerseys throughout the room honoring different sports.


Pillows and Accessories


If you aren't crazy about the NBA basketball team comforter or duvet sets available, not to worry. A pillow or two is a quick way to add NBA flare. Or a pillow shaped like a basketball is a nice touch if you're not celebrating a specific franchise. Hang a toy basketball goal over the door for the obvious addition. Bedroom trash cans or laundry baskets shaped like basketball goals are a fun way to make sure your room is tidy. Continue to think outside the box. Frame a basketball jersey that compliments your bedspread colors as another clever way to include your theme.