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NFL Bedding + Football Bedding

NFL Bedding


Are you ready for some football? If you've begged your parents for an NFL-inspired bedroom, not to worry. Your parents don't have to be a sports guru or even know who Payton Manning to help you build your perfect NFL bedroom. Since it all starts with bedding, you just need an open mind and the following tips to find perfection.


Bedding Basics


Know if your bed is a twin, twin/full, full, full/queen, queen or above. Since the accessories depend on your bedding, don't get stuck guessing the size of the bed and picking bedding that doesn't fit. Building a room around the wrong size duvet or bedding set wastes a lot of time.


Do you know whether you prefer a comforter, duvet, quilt, or a variety of full blankets for their bedroom? Make sure to check in with your parents on the type that will best work for you.  Don't only see the bedding sets that you want and make a snap decision, but make sure to touch them to get an idea of whether or not you like the feel.


NFL Specific Bedding


Do you love NFL football teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, or the Packers? Or do you prefer college football? Assuming you're an official NFL fan, turn your attention to everything that team has to offer in the form of bedding. The more bedding options you have, the more creative you can get, and don't limit your options to a standard bed-in-a-bag. If you love the sheets in the bag, but dislike the comforter just do the following to get the perfect bedding set.


Mix and Match


Take those sheets and find a blue or purple, whatever your NFL team's duvet color is, and accessorize with pillows. Customize your name with an NFL logo.  If something feels flat, add a pop of design to the bed skirt or shams. Try adding a pillow cover over an existing pillow and change things out as you both experiment with what accessories you like.




Sometimes all you need are NFL colors to suggest the full theme. If the bedding doesn't match what you envisioned or the themed bedding isn't soft and cozy enough, or they don't have a twin or full size available for his beloved franchise, incorporate the team colors on an otherwise standard duvet. Frame jerseys of your favorite NFL player besides your bed. Find contrasting shams or a pillowcase to tie into the bedding. If you're not a football fan, this is an excellent way to team up with your parents and bond over your joined love of NFL.