Dorm Bedding Bundles

What Comes in a Dorm Bedding Set

The best way to adjust to campus life is to make sure your dorm is decked out to your specifications and that your bed has all the trimmings that'll guarantee a restful sleep every single night. That means looking beyond the quality of your mattress and examining how well your bedding addresses your needs. With the right dorm bedding set, your home away from home will be equipped for maximum comfort.

Essential Bedding Pieces

You might think that a fitted bottom sheet and a flat sheet to use as a cover will more than keep you comfortable. Depending on the dorm facilities on campus and your needs, you'll need a few more bedding essentials to succeed in outfitting your bed for quality sleep.

It's also important to keep in mind the advantages that go beyond the functional. A good bedding set can be an all-in-one style palette for your room, providing you with a visually pleasing environment to call home.

PBteen’s bedding sets come with basic sheets set for your bed--namely, the fitted bottom sheet and flat sheet every bed requires--plus a few more bedding items depending on your preferences. The most common types of bedding sets fall into two categories: duvet bundles and comforter bundles. Take a look at what you can expect each type to contain.

Duvet Sets and Bundles for Dorms

Duvets are warm, cozy outer bedding. They serve to not only dress your bed when you make it in the morning but also to keep you snug and comfortable even when it's cold. Fashioned out of a fabric bag stacked with fill made of synthetic materials, down or cotton, duvets are surprisingly lightweight and excellent for heat insulation. If your campus has a reputation for cold wintry nights or chilly weather, duvets make an amazing dorm accessory.

The inner part of the duvet--that is, the duvet insert containing the fill--is separate from the duvet cover, which is a colorful sleeve you slide the duvet into. Duvet covers are crucial for anyone who favors duvets over comforters. They protect your bedding and make it easy to care and maintain your sheets. They also provide you with greater flexibility to customize your decor, allowing you to swap the cover and transform your room in a matter of minutes.

Duvet bundles come with a duvet cover, matching pillow shams and sheet set. It's important to note that neither the duvet inserts nor the pillows are included in these sets.

Comforter Sets and Bundles for Dorms

Unlike duvets, comforters are a type of outer bedding that doesn't consist of a separate insert and a fabric sleeve that you remove when it's time to do your laundry. Simply put, comforters are stacked with fill to ensure warmth and come sewn shut. Further, there's no such thing as a "comforter cover."

Therefore, when you get a comforter set or bundle, you're also acquiring new bedding that includes the fill. If you're the type of person who doesn't like bedding with too many elements and prefer to keep things simple, a comforter set might be better suited for your tastes. Instead of having to swap covers, the care and maintenance regimen you'll have to follow includes laundering your sheets as well as your comforter every time you switch your bedding.

The comforter sets and bundles at PBteen come with a basic sheet set with a fitted sheet featuring an elastic trimming for you to dress your mattress, a flat sheet, pillowcases, pillow shams and a comforter.

It's important to note that although it might not appear that comforter sets afford you the same range of flexibility that duvet covers provide, many comforter sets are fully reversible. If you want a change, all you need to do is flip the comforter over and turn the shams inside out. Best of all, the basic sheet sets feature a strategic color palette that goes with either reversible option.

Choosing the Right Bedding Set for You

Opting for one set or bundle out of so many options might seem like a difficult choice. The first thing you need to consider is the size of the mattress you'll have in your dorm. Many sets come in a wide variety of conventional sizes, ranging from twin to queen. Make sure to check the product description to see if the bedding set of your choice is machine washable before purchasing.

If you want to top off your bedding set with a few more useful accessories, consider picking up a mattress pad that'll greatly expand your ability to customize your sleep experience. Don't forget to also have at least a couple of quality pillows on hand. The end result will be a dorm room that's not only a treat to look at but also a dream to sleep in.

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