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Being and living away from home for the first time is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll undertake as a young adult. The freedom to do what you like, handling adult responsibilities for the first time and being on your own can’t be beaten. As you’re getting used to dorm life, you may want to have as many similar comforts from home as possible. Often, you can’t take your home furniture with you, so it’s imperative to find other solutions to help make your dorm feel homier. When it comes to common areas, such as the living space or lounge of your dorm, we offer a few ways to maximize every inch of your space while still adding elegant decor and comfort to your place. Shop PBteen for ideas on how to integrate dorm tables into your seating space, allowing you to enjoy everything from studying to simply hanging out.

Of course, you will want to bring some of the comforts of home to your dorm with you as well as your essentials like clothes and toiletries. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to pack your items up in trunks instead of luggage. Not only do trunks fit easily in the back of your parent’s car or SUV, but they also provide you plenty of space in which to pack your necessities. When you arrive at your dorm, there are a few functional ways to use trunks to save space and provide tabletop room for yourself and your new roommates.

As there are several different sizes of trunks available, you can stack empty trunks or trunks filled with items you don’t need daily, creating a makeshift dresser. Large trunks also double as coffee tables, giving you a spot to jot down notes, enjoy a cup of coffee or to place your accessories, picture frames and other decorative objects.

Trunks are available in a wide array of colors and styles from deep navy blues to bright pinks. You also have the ability to choose between silver or rubbed brass trim, which matches your other furniture and ensemble easily. For more space-saving ideas, consider nesting tables in your dorm lounge. When you need more space, stack these tables within each other and place them out of the way. When you need table space or are having friends over, unstack the tables to provide several convenient spaces for drinks, studying materials and more.

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