Stylish window coverings that filter out light and sound.

Curtains + Sheers

Curtains + Sheers

From furniture to bedding, so many different elements go into designing your dream bedroom. Think of hanging curtains like putting icing on a cake – it’s just the right topper to finish your design. Choosing the right window treatments adds the perfect touch to finish the look and feel of your room, and it pulls all the different pieces together. Create a personal sanctuary with the ideal balance of privacy and light by choosing the type of curtains that work best with your design plans. At PBteen, we understand the importance of having a room that expresses your personal style. We carry a variety of curtains and sheers in different fabrics, textures, colors and patterns.



When you’re choosing the color of your curtains or sheers, consider whether you want your windows to be a focal point, or if you want them to blend in with the rest of the room. Pick window treatments in bright colors or fun patterns to make your windows a standout feature in the room or to coordinate with other accents such as rugs and pillows. Opt for more muted and neutral tones for a relaxing effect. Hang curtains or sheers in a color that matches the wall for a seamless look that lets the walls and windows blend together to form a solid backdrop for colorful artwork or to anchor some of your more colorful furniture or bedding pieces.


The type of window treatments you choose determines how much light comes into your room. For example, if you’re an early riser who appreciates the mood-boost that comes with plenty of natural light, hanging gauzy sheers or lightweight curtains offers an airy, breezy look. If you don’t mind adding task lighting to your room, and if you prefer sleeping in on the weekends, or if you’re a light sleeper who needs total darkness for a good night’s sleep, you’re better off with a blackout curtain, which features a special lining to block as much light as possible. For a happy medium, you could go with medium-weight curtains or pair a set of sheers with coordinating curtains for the most versatility.


Before you decide on whether to opt for solid colors or a playful pattern, look around your room and evaluate the rest of your furnishings. Do you have solid-colored bedding or a patterned comforter? If you already have many patterns working in your room, a solid color or a curtain with a simple pattern such as a ribbon stripe or a colorful tassel edge could add personality and character. If your room already has many solid colors, choosing a pattern can add a little zing to the room. We carry curtains and sheers in classic chevrons, polka dots, damask and trellis patterns, among other options.


Once you pick the color and style of your window treatments, measure your windows to make sure you choose the right size. If you know you’ll open and close the windows often and want a sleeker look, measure so that the curtains just hit the sill or the floor. Alternatively, for a modern, relaxed look, buy curtains that pool on the floor. Choose curtains that are two times wider than the window. To calculate the length, measure from where you want to install your curtain rod to the floor. Add an extra couple inches if you’re letting the window treatments pool on the floor. In most rooms, mounting the rod 4–6" above the window frame, or halfway between the frame and the ceiling, offers the best look.


If you’re still unsure of which curtains or sheers you want, try playing around with different options using our free room designing tool. This interactive service lets you use a template or create a floor plan that best mirrors your own. Mix and match furniture, bedding, art and window treatments to create your very own oasis.