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Cool Ways to Decorate Your Room

If you’re looking for cute or cool ways to decorate your room, you might have some big ideas. Whether you know exactly what you want or you just have a general idea for the look you want to go for, these tips will help you to make minor changes with a big impact. Adding new furniture, works of art and some of your own creativity, will make your room feel like a brand new place.


Do-It-yourself Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a classic way to add a subtle touch of drama to a room, but it can also be a big commitment. However, that’s not the case with wall decals. Some decals are even removable, so you can put them up and take them down without removing any paint – and you can put them back up somewhere else! You can find wall decals in a variety of different shapes, including stars, dots, stripes, flowers and even picture frames. Put your decals on the wall in a random pattern or use a ruler and a pencil to mark out an evenly spaced application. It’s up to you! 


Make Some Space

Some of the most creative things to do to your room require a little bit of extra space. However, even if your room is small or you have lots of stuff you love, you can still re-vamp your space to feel fresh and new. You can free up a bunch of room with a loft bed, which will raise your bed above the ground and give you a ton of extra space. You can move furniture like your dresser and your desk under the bed and use the rest of the room to add more furniture and wall art or you can leave everything else in the room as is and use curtains, string lights and floor cushions to make the underside of your loft bed into a lounge oasis. You can use a specific theme for your hideaway lounge by picking out decor items that represent everything from the beach to outer space – whatever you love.


Go as Big as You Want

Your walls are likely flat to the touch, but that doesn’t mean the art you put up has to have the same profile. If you want to make your bedroom decor extra dramatic, think about using wall sculptures and other kinds of dimensional wall art to create huge impact. Animal head sculptures, wooden letters, decorative wall lamps and even some DIY paper art are all awesome options to use for dimensional wall art. DIY projects are a great resource for creative things to do to your room. Here’s an easy idea: make some fringed paper garlands that you can string around your walls and drape across the room to make it feel a little bit more magical. Use cool-touch LED string lights along with your DIY garlands for some mood lighting, and you’ll completely transform the way your room looks!


Focus on What You Love

If you’re looking for some quick things to decorate your room with, think about replacing some of the plain items in your room with some exciting additions that represent your hobbies and interests. For example, the standard lamp on your bedside table can be switched out for a light that’s shaped like a football or a unicorn. If you can think of a specific theme for your room that reflects your interests, you might want to focus on that as you look for new decorative items for your space.


Boho Tapestries

Big decorative pieces like murals and tapestries are a quick and easy way to add a major decorative statement to your room. In particular, tapestries can change the way your room looks because they’re made of fabric, which drapes in a way that looks oh-so-cool. The best thing about tapestries is that they’re super versatile, so you can use them as substitutes for curtains or hang them from your ceiling to create a low-profile room divider. To bring your ceiling level down and make your room feel a little more bohemian, tack a tapestry up on the ceiling, leaving a little space hanging down in the middle.