Eco-Friendly Products:
What They Mean To You & The Earth

You might be striving to make responsible choices about the products you buy and use, and you may be wondering how you can do more. Fortunately, making responsible choices to find safe, environmentally-friendly items is easier than ever. Thinking more about your impact on nature spans from the fabrics you choose for your bedding, to the clothing that you wear. These products leave behind less pollution, are less harmful to the environment and in some cases even make use of recycled materials to help you reduce your overall ecological footprint. Understanding exactly what importance these products carry helps you learn how to make the best possible choices for both yourself and the planet. 


Organic Fabrics

One of the most common types of eco-friendly products you might see these days actually isn’t new or innovative; it’s a reminder of much simpler times. Organic fabrics, like cotton percale and hemp-based weaves, are made using entirely renewable resources. Their "organic" labeling indicates that the cotton or hemp used to make the fabric was grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, making the fabric Earth-friendly right from the start.  Cotton percale is an especially excellent fabric for organic sheets, and it feels crisp and cool against your skin, which is perfect during summer. If you’re thinking about redoing your bedroom or are in the market for some new bedding, talk to a parent about searching for options made with organic fabrics.



Even your bedroom furniture can be Earth-friendly. It all depends on how it’s made and where its materials come from. For example, you might see a dresser made out of FSC®-certified wood. This labeling, which refers to the Forest Stewardship Council, guarantees that the wood used to make the furniture comes from trees grown in a sustainable way. Forests are an incredibly important part of our world’s natural ecosystem; they provide us with oxygen, help to clean the air and even help to adjust the overall temperature in many areas. Sustainable farming practices work to support this, leaving vulnerable ecosystems alone in favor of tree farming or mass planting procedures. FSC®-certified wood is beautiful and durable, and it’s better for both your ecological footprint and our planet.



Surrounding yourself with inspiration sourced from nature can also be a fantastic way to honor the importance of being kind to the Earth. To add color and personality to your bedroom, think about choosing wall art that’s inspired by the planet. You can choose anything from pictures of dogs to beautiful landscapes. Motivational posters featuring nature scenes are great tools for encouraging yourself to explore, venture out and enjoy all the beauty this world has to offer, and they help you feel ready to tackle those finals or college applications at the same time.


How To Choose Eco-Friendly Products

Understanding how eco-friendly products can benefit both you and the planet is important, but so is understanding how to make informed choices about the products you choose. Knowing what to look for can be very helpful. Start by looking for labels with terms such as “natural,” “organic” and “earth-friendly.” Next, you and your parents can check the product information to see if it reveals anything about how the product was made or the materials within it. For example, a chair you like for your study area may be made with vegan leather; this is a plant-based material that looks and feels just like real leather, but it didn’t require an animal for production. “Sustainable” can be another indicator, especially when you’re shopping for wood furniture. Work with a parent or spend some time online yourself researching the materials used within your favorite products, as well as the companies that produce them, to better understand exactly how they’re made.

Living a greener, eco-friendlier life is easy, especially with the many environmentally friendly products you have access to today. This helps you get the look you love while you enjoy the same quality you find in other non-organic products. By educating yourself on the meaning of eco-friendly products, you’ll be better prepared to make sound shopping decisions. Whether you’re looking for a new natural rug for your bedroom or some cozy blankets, you’ll feel good about what you choose and its impact on the Earth.