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Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables

These often overlooked pieces of furniture help bring the style of your teen’s room together while offering much needed storage and table space. Add a table lamp for a pop of color and convenient lighting or use the bedside table for a spot to stow decorative items, an alarm clock or a book. Before buying a bedside table, think about how your teen will use it. Consider the size of the room and the amount of storage that your teen needs. If you only need enough space for a lamp, book and a clock, you can safely choose a smaller nightstand with a smaller footprint, which leaves plenty of space for other decorative items or fits neatly in small spaces. If your teen wants to store more than just a few items on the top of the bedside table, consider buying one with a larger tabletop and built-in drawers. PBteen offers a wide variety of side tables in a range of shapes and sizes to help you find the one that will work best in your teen’s room. Our bedside tables feature designs as varied as your teen’s art collection, ranging from charming, round side tables to sleek, modern teen tables. Our distinctive nightstands add form and function to your teen’s room.

From nightstands with ornate legs to simple, straight lines on our boxier-shaped side tables, we cater all teens, whether they prefer their bedroom furniture to be fancy or simple. The design of the table makes all the difference, but so does the finish of the tabletop. If you know that your teen likes to keep a glass of water nearby, avoid one of our solid wood nightstands in favor of a bedside table with a finish that won’t develop rings and watermarks.

Our nightstands come in a variety of heights, which makes it easy to pair the bedside table with the height of your teen’s bed. Before buying one of our nightstands, take a measurement of your teen’s bed height. If you’re placing the table near a beanbag chair or another type of chair, measure the height of that. In general, nightstands should be within six inches of the bed’s height to maximize your teen’s comfort while reaching to turn the lamp on or off or grabbing personal items. Height isn’t the only measurement to consider. In general, avoid buying anything larger than 24" deep, which can get in the way as your teen rolls in and out of bed. For teens that like to maximize the storage space of all their furniture pieces, we offer a variety of bedside tables with integrated cabinets, drawers and shelves. As an bonus, these types of nightstands let your teen stash a lot of their clutter out of sight, keeping their room looking neat and tidy while still giving them space for all their stuff.

Other details that you need to consider before buying one of our nightstands include the color of the bedding and the amount of space available on either side of the bed. When it comes to color, many teens like to coordinate their nightstands with other furniture in the room, others prefer to use their bedside tables as a fun accent that complements their bedding and adds a little panache to the space. Teens with large rooms or ample space on either side of the bed can often fit a nightstand on both sides of the bed to maximize storage and provide little symmetry to the room. Teens with smaller rooms can still benefit from having one nightstand on their side of the bed to place their personal items in easy reach.