How To Create The Coziest Dorm Bed

Give yourself a comfortable place to recharge between late-night study sessions
and early-morning classes. It's easy—just follow these four steps.

Step 1

Start with the basics. You'll want your sheets to be comfortable and soft, so stick with a set that's made from pure cotton. To maximize overall comfort, consider purchasing a mattress pad or topper—it's the easiest way to transform a run-of-the-mill dorm bed into a luxurious sleep retreat.

Step 2

Next, layer on a duvet cover, quilt or blanket. From punchy patterns to simple solids, we offer a range of different styles — and they're all designed to mix and match, so it's easy to create your own unique look.

Step 3

Accessorize. Throw pillows aren't just a cozy addition to the bed, they also add a pop of personality to the entire space. Stick with the rule of odds—one, three or five accent pillows will be more appealing to the eye than an even-numbered set. Choose a few in the same color family, or mix them up for an eclectic look.

Step 4

Make it multifunctional. Dorm rooms
don't usually have room for a sofa or plush chair. An oversized lounge pillow lets you use the bed to sit up comfortably for reading, studying or hanging out with a friend. Choose a playful pattern, stick with solids, or go for a faux fur design to make it extra cozy.

How To Create The Coziest Dorm Bed