How To Create An Organized Dorm Room

Living on campus means compromising on space. Select smart storage to
make room for all of your home-away-from-home essentials.

Here, There, Everywhere

You might not be able to put a dresser or cabinet exactly where you want it. The solution? Storage that's lightweight and portable. A drawer caddy on wheels is great for stashing books, school supplies or get-ready accessories. Get it in a fun color or pattern to make it part of the decor.

Customize The Closet

Even the smallest closets can help control
the clutter—it all comes down to the right accessories. Go for compact storage that frees up floor space, like an easy-to-hang shoe organizer and over-the-door mirror with hooks. Stash last semester's coursework, school supplies and books in canvas bins designed to fit on shallow closet shelves.

Get Creative

Consider unexpected storage pieces, especially ones that can serve multiple functions. A vintage-style trunk makes a stylish bench or table at the edge of the bed, and it's perfect for storing linens, pillows, magazines and more.

Sort It Out

Make sure laundry gets done—and often! A collapsible hamper provides a place for dirty clothes and can be
tucked into a narrow space when not in use. Look for one with a strap or handles so it's easy to carry. And don't forget to pick up a caddy for detergent, fabric softener, quarters and everything else you'll need.

How To Create An Organized Dorm Room