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How To Create The Perfect Study Space

Help your teen start the school year off right with the ideal study space designed just for them. Follow our four-step guide to create an area that's both functional and fun.

Step 1: Make a Plan

If your teen's study space is on the smaller side, consider modular pieces that combine shelving and storage with a work surface. Or, if your kids share a room, try pushing two desks together to create an oversized workstation. For a clutter-free workspace, store everyday supplies in coordinating bins or baskets that can be easily slipped under a desk or in a hutch. The key is to make the most of the space you've got.

Step 2: Master The Basics

Every study space needs a desk, a comfortable chair and adjustable task lighting that lets them direct light where they need it. For an even more efficient setup, choose a desk with built-in storage for books and supplies.

Step 3: Be Versatile

Remind your teen (and yourself!) that studying doesn't always have to happen at their desk — a change of scenery can do wonders during marathon study sessions! A lapdesk lets them pack all their supplies and take them on the go — so they can easily study in their lounge room, at a friend's house or at the library.

Step 4: Add Amenities

Personalizing their workspace will make studying something they look forward to. Hang pinboards or Style Tiles above their desk so they can post pictures, artwork and reminders. A wall calendar will keep them organized, and a mini fridge or cooler will ensure they don't get sidetracked when they need a snack.

How To Create The Perfect Study Space