How To Measure For Curtains

When planning a window treatment, careful measuring is the key. Follow these steps to determine the hardware and window panel length you'll need.

Guide To Window Hardware

Is Your Window A Square?

Before deciding on which mount to use, measure your window to be sure it's square. Measure diagonally from the two top corners to the two bottom corners. If the measurements are significantly different, choose the wall-mount option.

Choose A Mounting Option

Trim Mount

Mounting hardware brackets directly to the trim shows off the actual size of your window.

Wall Mount

To bring a fuller look to your window, mount hardware brackets 3" beyond the 4-6" above the window trim.

Inside Mount

If you're mounting roman shades or want your molding to show, use an inside mount. The hardware should be attached just inside the frame.

Measuring Your Window

Once you have chosen the mounting option that works best for your window, it's time to measure your windows to determine hardware length. Keep in mind that if you have chosen the wall mount option, you will need to add 6 inches to the length of your rods. Also, depending on what style you choose, finials can add up to 4 inches on each end of the rod, so you want to make sure there is enough clearance to allow for your finials.

The Layered Look

To create a layered window treatment, you'll need a double curtain and rod that can accommodate two panels.

Guide To Window Panels

Choose Your Look

There are two options for displaying your window treatments: to the sill (or just below the sill) and to the floor. If the width of your mounting measurement is less than 88", we recommend at least two panels. If your measurement exceeds 88", additional panels will be required for total coverage.

Choose Your Curtain Length

Sill Length

Shorter curtains make a formal room more casual. Measure from the top of the window mount (A, B, C) to the sill (C) or just below the sill (D).

Floor Length

Floor-length curtains lend presence to a small window. Measure from the top of the window mount (A, B) to the floor (E).

Guide To Roman Shades


If you are installing a Roman shade, remember that the mounting rod is 1 3/8" wider than the fabric. When measuring, add 1 3/8" to overall width of shade to ensure it will fit inside the window frame. For example, a 22" roller shade measures 23 3/8" with mounting hardware.

Important Safety Tips

Do not place cribs within 18 inches of curtain panels, curtain pulls or curtain cords. Keeping cribs away from windows is your best option to ensure safety.