How To Pick The Perfect Rug

From chevron to polka dots, a supersoft rug is the perfect way to help define your space. Start by choosing the right color, pattern, texture and size, and be sure to coordinate your rug with the rest of your room's decor.

Choose Your Look

Textured Rugs

Textured rugs are a great way to give your room some personality. Because of their thick texture, shag rugs are best in areas that don't have a rolling chair - such as your study space.

Solid & Bordered Rugs

Solid and border rugs offer a more tailored look that's traditional and classic. If your room's on the smaller side, try a lighter-colored rug to help open up the space.

Patterned Rugs

From big, bold polka dots to soothing, subtle stripes, find a pattern that complements the rest of your room's decor.

Choose Your Material


Wool rugs are long lasting, soft and easy to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Cotton Chenille

Easy to care for and supremely soft, cotton chenille rugs features a silky texture that's wonderful underfoot.

Natural Fiber

An affordable choice that's durable too, natural fiber rugs are perfect for adding a neutral tone to an especially bold or colorful room.

Rug Pads

A must under any rug, rug pads provide additional padding underfoot, and they prevent rugs from sliding around on the floor.

Choose Your Size

Follow these simple steps when adding a rug to your room:

  1. Measure your space with a steel measuring tape. Don't rely on "eyeing it" - it's always best to measure, and don't forget to double-check your measurements.

  2. Make sure to consider the location of vents and doors, as they may affect where you place your rug.

  3. To create a smaller, more intimate space, measure the length and width of the furnished area and subtract 24" from both measurements. The final measurement is how big your rug should be.

  4. In your bedroom, your rug doesn't have to cover the majority of the floor. Try placing an accent rug under your bed so it peeks out from the sides, or place a rug under your desk to help define your study space.

Caring For Your Rug

When properly cared for, rugs are a lasting investment. Follow these suggestions and you'll enjoy your PBteen rug for years.

Place a rug pad between your rug and the floor. It will prevent slippage and act as a buffer to minimize abrasion. This will extend the rug's life and also protect your floors. Vacuum or shake out rugs regularly. When vacuuming, pass over each area several times from different directions. Avoid high-powered vacuum attachments, which can pull threads away from the rug's backing. Rotate or reposition your rug every six months to avoid repetitive wear and to balance any fading from light. Blot spills as soon as they occur with a clean, white cloth, working from the outside edge inward to prevent the spill from spreading.