How To Style Your Dorm Walls No Nails Needed

Plain white walls, be gone! Liven up their space with wall decor
designed for the temporary nature of dorm living.

In The Frame

Just because you can't stick nails in
the wall doesn't mean you have to skip frames altogether. Consider a set of wall decals designed to look like
vintage picture frames—they're a fun, commitment-free way to display photos and artwork. Another option is to lean frames against the wall. Whether atop
a shelf, a desk or a dresser, leaning wall art gives the space a laid-back feel, and it's easy to change up anytime.

Double Duty

Choose designs that are as useful as they are beautiful. A decal calendar dresses up the walls while helping them stay on schedule—plus, it can be re-positioned and re-used over and over again. Decorative pinboards display favorite photos and important notes without putting extra holes in the wall. And they come in a range of vibrant colors and patterns, making them a standout piece all
on their own.

Perfectly Personal

Create a space that's unmistakably yours. Peel-and-stick wall letters are a fun, easy way to personalize. Spell out your name, or display one or more initials with oversized letters or a monogram. Pick a color that matches the bedding, or go for a bold, bright hue that stands out against neutral dorm walls.

How To Style Your Dorm Walls No Nails Needed