Mirrors + Frames



Mirrors + Frames

Adding a mirror to your personal space not only lets you check your hair, makeup or mood in the privacy of your room, but it also magnifies light, makes a smaller room look bigger. It can even reflect your unique personality. This is especially true when you choose from the varied collection of mirrors at PBteen, ranging from artistic to simplistic and from decorative to functional. The same goes for our picture frames. Set up a gallery of your favorite photos, or choose one distinctive piece of artwork that completely expresses your take on life or hopes for the future. Our frames come in various sizes, shapes, colors and materials to keep your memories of happy moments displayed in plain view and to provide color and interest to the decor of your room with artwork.

Hang a mirror next to your door for those last looks before going off to school or out with friends. Our medium-sized mirrors with paper borders, scalloped edges or simple square shapes are great choices. Mirrors extend beyond basic geometric shapes when you choose mirrored wall art from our Junk Gypsy collection or select mirrors in the shape of sunbursts, flowers, stars and hearts. Spell out your monogram with a decorative mirror shaped in letters, or randomly group mirrors of various shapes and sizes on a wall for a collector’s look. When you need to move beyond decoration to find a mirror that is more functional, we have mirrors with hooks to hang your hats or jewelry, mirrors framed with pinboards for tacking your notes and mirrors with shelves for keeping your most needed items close at hand.

For getting up close and personal, a desktop mirror meets the need. You might like a swivel vanity mirror that stands on your desk or vanity and includes two trays for your cosmetics, combs or jewelry. Consider a pop-up mirror that rotates to the position you need it to be in or a light-up mirror that allows you to see in detail regardless of the lighting in the room. A large floor mirror really goes a long way in opening up a space, making it seem roomier and more free spirited. Check out our Lennon & Maisy floor mirror as well as our full-length mirrors that hang over the door to save space.

Frames are perfect for holding snapshots of your best friends, family, sports team and special moments from your summer adventures and memorable dates. Artwork looks polished and professional when framed as well, whether framing your own original artistic creations or scenes of nature, sports, reprints of famous pieces of art or inspiring words – the list is endless. Our frames are available in black, white and various colors. Try a montage of black and white frames scattered on your wall or organized in a pristine pattern, depending on your style. You might also like a gallery of three or four photobox frames lined up over your headboard or above your desk. These frames easily pop open so you can change the images inside whenever you like. They also come in various sizes, as do all of our frames, from small, medium to large, and we provide the mounting hardware too.

Even just one framed photo or piece of art can bring a subtle, personal touch to your room. Display something that means the most to you on your bedside table or hung as a focal point on your wall. To keep the memory of your academic accomplishments alive, select a diploma frame personalized with your monogram. For frames that appear to be frameless, take a look at our see-through acrylic frames that let you arrange your pictures in the design of your choosing. Similar in concept are our cable frames that have a string of cables dotted with clips to hang your photos and notes, easily switching out old for new whenever you’re ready for an update.