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Break It Up & Zone It Down

You live, sleep, study and hang out with friends all in one place — your room! And with so much going on, it can get messy and mixed up quick — especially if you share your room with a sister, brother or roommate. What you need is a simple system that keeps your different zones separated — an extra wall or two to mark each space within your place.

The Ingredients

Here are some things you might need:

  • a sturdy, steel-wire cable system
  • a measuring tape
  • mounting posts, clips or clothespins that slide
  • several pieces of fabric or curtains
  • a little vision

Divide & Conquer

Before you start, decide how you want to divide your room. Plot out a clear map of your current space and then draw up how you would like it to look.

Break it Up

:: creative cheat sheet ::

  • Section off your sleep zone from the rest of the room.
  • Divide your room in half — one side for sis or bro, one side for you. You can even install a curtain that pulls closed for privacy and opens up when you're ready to hang out together.
  • Create a private lounge area for reading or studying complete with a curtain to keep distractions out and comfy seating to keep the lounge vibe in.
  • Set up a private dressing area near your closet or create an additional closet complete with shelves and wall racks for extra storage.

Measure Up

You'll need a measuring tape to determine how much wire and fabric you'll need and how much space will be allotted to each zone, especially if siblings are involved. If your room isn't a perfect square, the two of you may need to work out a space system that feels equal.

Hang in There

Once you've measured out the space you'll need for each zone, it's time to start separating.The best and easiest way to put up a makeshift wall is with wire and fabric. Our Cable System works great and is easy to use because it doesn't require professional installation. Just follow the instructions that come with each kit, mount the posts to the walls where you'll need them and stretch the cable between them to create a zone for sleeping, studying or lounging. Curtains can also be attached with sliding clips so you can open or close them whenever you need to.

Ready for a Change?

Over the next few months, you might find that you need more space for studying and less for storage, you no longer need to share a room, or you're just ready for a change. Using a cable system makes for an easy and clean transition — whether you want to rearrange your zones or just want to switch out your curtains. For instance, you can quickly rezone your entire room by moving the posts. Or improve your view by swapping out curtains and fabrics as often as you want to match the season or your latest bedding.

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