Personalized Places:
7 Tips For Decorating Your School Locker

Your locker is the one spot that's truly your own in a school where you're sharing resources with hundreds of other students. It might be small, but it's a little nook to call your very own. By taking the time to decorate your locker, you can make it match your style and personality; it'll become your own exclusive oasis in the hallway. With a game plan and a few accessories, you can make it stand out from the rest. PBteen has a large selection of accessories to help you organize and beautify your locker. Follow these few simple steps and you'll be well on your way to creating a spot that's uniquely yours.

Choose A Theme

If you really want your locker to stand out, put some careful planning into the process. This can actually help you stay organized because it'll unify the space and keep your decorations and school supplies from competing with each other. Choose a theme - like a design you love or your favorite band - and find elements that tie into the motif. Love the boldness of some striking zebra print? Opt for stylish accessories that feature the animal's stripes and supplement with other black and white decor. If you like sports, choose accessories in your team colors to keep your locker feeling cool and cohesive.

Add A Mirror

You won't always have time to run by the bathroom to make sure you're looking great. Hang a durable magnetic mirror on the inside of your locker door so you can take a quick peek when you swing by between classes. Choose a mirror that has a fun color or pattern on the frame to express your personality and fit your decorating scheme.

Hang A Dry Erase Board

A mini dry erase board is a useful tool for writing down quick notes to remember or letting your friends leave you messages so you have motivation to get through the school day. Some of our dry erase boards come with cups or organizers so you can store extra pens and school supplies within reach.

Show Off Pictures

Use the space on the inside of your locker door as a mini art gallery and add photos that inspire you. Pictures of family and friends are great, but you can also create a personal dream board and put up images that remind you of your goals. Secure them in bright, magnetic frames or with decorative magnets. Switch up the photos throughout the year as you make new memories.

Apply Fun Decals

Use stickers or decals to decorate the front of your locker door. Removable vinyl decals with your name or initials add a personal touch while also making it easy for your friends to identify your locker. Add decals of your favorite bands, brands or quotes; just be sure to check school policies before adding stickers.

Brighten Your Locker With A Light

Sometimes, lockers are small, crowded and hard to see inside. Add a decorative light to your locker to brighten up the space and make it easier to find that notebook or lab homework in a hurry. Choose a color that goes along with the pattern or theme of the rest of your locker decor to tie it all together, and make sure the light is battery-operated.

Add A Shelf

Whether you have a half-size locker or a full-size locker, a lack of shelving can make it hard to keep things organized. Rather than stacking up a leaning tower of schoolbooks, add a sturdy shelf to create more storage space. Plan your locker layout beforehand to ensure you have enough space for your bookbag and books when choosing a shelf.

Personalized Places: 7 Tips For Decorating Your School Locker