How To Create The Perfect Vanity Space

As the place where your teen gets ready each day, a vanity space should be functional and stylish while also feeling special. Start with a storage-friendly vanity, then add a few personal touches that bring the space to life.

All In One

Although the primary purpose of a
vanity is to provide a place for getting ready, it can double as space to
organize and display all her essentials, from jewelry to makeup to perfume. To make it really stand out, design a wall dedicated to showcasing her favorite things — anything from nail polish to her favorite necklaces.

Organize In Style

To keep odds-and-ends items within easy reach, try a set of coordinated storage. Also, a smaller-scale dress form is the perfect way to keep bracelets organized, larger earrings in pairs and necklaces tangle free.

Add Some Personality

A vanity space should feel elegant and chic, but remember to add touches of your teen's personal style. Try a fun vanity stool that's comfortable, offers support and livens up the space.

The Perfect Storage

Jewelry storage is a vanity-space necessity. Choose something that works for your teen and the jewelry she likes best — if she has several smaller items, for instance, try storage that swivels and keeps everything right at hand. If
necklaces are her favorite, be sure her jewelry storage offers plenty of hooks for hanging.

How To Create The Perfect Vanity Space