How To Deck Out Your Locker

A locker might seem like an unremarkable, purely functional part of the day. But with a few fun
accessories, it's transformed into another way to make a big style statement.

Stay Organized in Style

Add a few dry-erase accessories to the inside of a locker door. They're perfect for jotting down important dates and reminders — or leaving a fun message for a friend.

Keep It Neat

A bland locker can be made stylish and functional with a few magnetic storage pockets and mirrors. Choose coordinating colors for a preppy look or mix and match for something a little more funky. It's a bright, personality-packed way to keep things tidy and add a little flare to a small space!

Let Your Personality Shine

Give an everyday locker a stylish upgrade with magnetic decal picture frames. It's a bright, personality-packed touch that will make the school day a little more fun.

How To Deck Out Your Locker