How to Decorate a Small Room

Living in a small space? Don't sacrifice your style! Whether it's a pint-sized bedroom, dorm or space shared with a sibling, we're excited to offer a few fun ideas on how to make a small space feel all your own.

Section It Off

In a small space, there's no room for clutter. The first step is organizing two distinct spaces: one for sleep and one for studying. A favorite trick of ours is to rely on a loft bed to maximize the space you've got. A loft bed creates a cozy space above and an organized workspace beneath. Look for a loft with plenty of drawers and shelves to keep knick-knacks neatly tucked away. Supplement its storage with a few bins to keep your books, jewelry and craft materials organized.

Show Off Your Style

Being short on space doesn't mean ditching the small details that makes a room feel like you. Try creating a wall gallery with a mix of framed photos and wall decor to add a focal point to your space. A wall gallery takes up no floor space at all, but its impact on the room's overall effect is huge!

Get Everything in Order

In a small space, your closet has to work twice as hard. Don't rely on that single clothes rod to hold everything! Instead, try hanging additional closet storage and shoe shelves that create more space for folded sweaters, shoes and other items. This creates room for things that might not have had their own place.

How To Decorate A Small Room