How To Design The Perfect Bathroom

Think of your teen's bathroom as an extension of their room. Give it some style with bold color,
plenty of pattern and personalized details that make a statement.

Make It A Match

For a polished look that brings the space together, coordinate your teen's bath accessories. An essential part of their bathroom's functionality, these items can also add an instant dose of color, pattern and style.

Daily Must-Haves

Give must-have beauty tools a fresh makeover that's fun, playful and
perfectly coordinated. Our
salon-quality essentials feature functional details that will give her
the look she loves every day.

In The Mix

Coordinating is good, but don't be afraid to mix things up with a range of colors, patterns and prints. For a special twist, add her initials to each towel — it's a small touch that adds personal style to
her getting-ready space.

All In The Details

When designing your teen's bathroom,
try not to overlook ordinary items. Even something seemingly monotonous — like a laundry hamper — can bring an extra burst of color and style to their space.

Functional Style

To save on space, try storage on wheels that has a kick of style, too. A mobile caddy is the perfect place to store everything from lotion and perfume to makeup and soap.

How To Design The Perfect Bathroom