How To Design A Perfectly Layered Bed

It's no secret that teens sleep — a lot! Help them design a bed they
love in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Sheets are the closest thing to your teen's skin, so choose a set that's soft and comfortable. As for style, let your teen decide — our bedding is designed to mix and match, making it easy to create a coordinated look.

Step 2

The next layer is a blanket. Depending on the season, choose lightweight cotton or a heavier, chunky knit. Let your teen have fun with the color and texture that either coordinates or contrasts with their sheets.

Step 3

As the top layer of their bed, a quilt or duvet is the visual statement that will anchor their room. A bold solid color makes a big statement, while a playful pattern gives their space some personality.

Step 4

The final step: let your teen add some accessories that reflect their style. Personalize a throw with their name or initials, or let them choose a variety of pillows to mix and match. If their bedding is primarily one color, try a contrasting throw or pillow to add some interest.

How To Design A Perfectly Layered Bed