How To Create The Perfect Lounge

Create the ultimate hangout space for your teen with comfortable seating plus creative storage solutions that celebrate their style. They'll love it as an after-school spot for their friends; the entire family will love it for movie night and get-togethers. Here are five easy steps to create a perfect lounge for them.

Step 1: Find a Spot

If you don't have an entire room you can dedicate to the lounge, try sectioning off a corner of a larger room — or get creative and utilize an attic space or part of the basement.

Step 2: Have a Seat

The most important element of a lounge is super-comfortable seating. Complement a primary seat — like a sofa or sectional — with smaller pieces like loungers or beanbags. Also consider adding a futon or sleeper sofa that doubles as a bed — it's the
perfect solution for sleepovers.

Step 3: Add Some Storage

If their lounge includes a TV, try
a media console designed to organize and store controls,
gaming equipment and more. Low-to-the-ground tables are great for stowing away additional lounge must-haves like books and magazines. Instead of traditional side tables, try a couple of trunks — plenty of interior storage will keep the space clutter free.

Step 4: Glow Ahead

Overhead lighting plus a few floor lamps will keep their lounge well lit but appropriately ambient.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

Add a few accessories to complete
the space. Throw pillows, blankets
and ottomans will help keep them
comfortable, while a mini fridge or
cooler keeps snacks close at hand.

How To Create The Perfect Lounge