How to Create Seating In a Bedroom

If your teen wants a lounge space but there aren't enough
rooms in the house, design one into their bedroom.

1. Use color to define the space.

Paint the wall of the lounge a
contrasting color from the rest of
the room. Or, use sheers or drapes
to section off the lounge.

2. Lay some groundwork.

Add a rug to help define the lounge space. Since it's an area for relaxing, choose an extra-plush rug with a deep pile for the ultimate in softness.

3. Make double use of storage.

Place freestanding bookshelves or
tall cabinets side by side to create
a "wall" that separates the lounge
area from the room. Open shelves
are an ideal choice because they
let in some light and allow access
to storage from either side of the

4. Get creative with seating.

If you don't have room for a futon or sofa, try something simpler — like a beanbag or our Cloud Couch.

How to Create Seating In a Bedroom