How to Design a Shared Space

If your teen shares a room with a sibling, follow these easy steps
to design a space that reflects the best of both styles.

1. Customize.

If your kids prefer more privacy, try using sheers or drapes to divide the room. The best part is the "wall" can easily be removed or updated with new drapes.

2. Add the basics.

Both sides of the room with need the
same furniture — a bed, a desk and plenty of storage. If you choose identical styles for each side, try decorating them differently and according to each personality. Let your kids choose their
own bedding, desk accessories and wall decor, and let personalize their spaces with their favorite photos, art, mementos and initials on the wall.

3. Play with color.

Remember that not every wall has to be the same color. Work with your kids to find a color they both like — or, if they agree on a basic color like blue, paint two walls in a light shade and two in a darker shade. Alternatively, consider two different colors than work together such as yellow and green, blue and cream, or pink and purple.

How to Design a Shared Space